Our Culture

Integrity is the best policy!

Kelsey Goals

Make the world a greener place

  • Waste treatment by the most modern technology
  • Water treatment by the most modern technology

Build nature in home

  • New trend in architecture design – nature & people
  • Use the most modern technology in construction

Educate the world

  • Make an educational movie
  • Promote a city of freedom

Think different, Do different!



Kelsey – A Great Company

31/07/2019 – (Tiếng Việt bên dưới) On July 24, 2019, former prosecutor Robert Mueller in charge of the investigation of the alleged interference in the …

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Honesty Is The Best Policy

14/03/2019 (Tiếng Việt bên dưới) 1.1 million people died prematurely, 20 million tons of food were damaged and the national economy lost 38 billion USD …

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Kelsey Consulting M&A - CEO - Jenny


31/12/2018 (Tiếng Việt bên dưới) Dear colleague, Congratulations on becoming a member of Kelsey. If you pass the 2 months probation, then you are the …

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Create the highest value!


hoi ngi

PROJECT: An Sinh Invention Technology Co., Ltd

05/06/2019 (Tiếng Việt bên dưới) PRESS RELEASE: KELSEY CONSULTS FOR AN SINH INVENTION TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD Genius inventor Thomas Edison said that: “Anything that won’t …

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KELSEY – M&A network for value and efficiency

11/02/2019 (Tiếng Việt bên dưới) M&A market is becoming more active in Vietnam. Accordingly, the business sector is also expanding with the value constantly increasing: …

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Kelsey Consulting M&A - M&A

KELSEY – M&A Service Overview

05/12/2018 (Tiếng Việt bên dưới) Mergers and Acquisitions are becoming more and more popular to avoid inefficient situations and create new environments that are mutually …

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Rescue your businesses and bring you to great sustainable development!




PROJECT: Biogarten Supermarket

21/08/2019 – (Tiếng Việt bên dưới) PRESS RELEASE: KELSEY CONSULTING M&A CONSULTS FOR BIOGARTEN SUPERMARKET In 1967, Nguyen Du supermarket – the first supermarket in …

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donald trump

The Greatest Leaders Must Be The Smartest Person In The Room

08/07/2019 (Tiếng Việt bên dưới) On June 27, 2019, Apple announced that designer Jony Ive – who played a key role in developing Apple products …

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Kelsey – A Million-Dollar Consultant

26/06/2019 (Tiếng Việt bên dưới) In 2010, the Foreign Investment Agency – Ministry of Planning and Investment stated that the total foreign direct investment (FDI) …

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Orient and establish a civilization in architecture!



PROJECT: Dreamcatcher Farm Home

AUTHENTIC LIFE FOR ACTIVE RETIREMENT 1. Home 6 Bungalows 50m2 (own 50 years: 199.000 USD/ Bungalow for pre-opening) 12 apartments 40m2 (own 50 years: 159.000 …

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PROJECT: Minimalist Art

12/09/2019 On 24th September 2019, Kelsey will officially announce the Masterpiece: Minimalist Art. This work of art will reorient world architecture and help the world …

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ban công

PROJECT: Minimalist Art Apartment Balcony – A Place Where Love Flourishes

06/09/2019 –  (Tiếng Việt bên dưới) In 1596, a passionate love story that touched the hearts of millions of people around the world was written …

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Ảnh chụp Màn hình 2019-09-19 lúc 19.06.15

Phát Minh Mới: Nghệ Thuật Đích Thực – Công Thức Giải quyết Mọi Vấn Đề

19/09/2019 Nhà soạn nhạc nổi tiếng người Đức – Ludwig van Beethoven từng thốt lên rằng: “Nghệ thuật! Ai hiểu được nàng? Ta có thể …

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viet my

Nghệ Thuật Đích Thực Giải Quyết Vụ Kiện Thép Việt Mỹ – Bảo Hiểm Pjico Như Thế Nào?

18/09/2019  Ngày 31/12/2016, Công ty cổ phần sản xuất thép VAS Việt Mỹ mua bảo hiểm từ Công ty Bảo hiểm Pjico cho lô hàng …

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PROJECT: Dreamcatcher Farm Home

AUTHENTIC LIFE FOR ACTIVE RETIREMENT 1. Home 6 Bungalows 50m2 (own 50 years: 199.000 USD/ Bungalow for pre-opening) 12 apartments 40m2 (own 50 years: 159.000 …

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“The secret of my success is that we have gone to exceptional lengths to hire the best people in the world.” – Steve Jobs


open day

Kelsey Open Day – We Are Recruiting!

19/03/2019 (Tiếng Việt bên dưới) We are recruiting! Come to our Open Day! Kelsey Consulting M & A is an elite team of business experts, …

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