Kelsey Consulting M&A is an American-Vietnamese company dedicated to facilitating ethical and forward-looking businesses to safely establish
and conduct commerce in Vietnam.


Honesty Is The Best Policy

1.1 million people died prematurely, 20 million tons of food were damaged and the national economy lost 38 billion USD because of air pollution each …

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Kelsey Consulting M&A - CEO - Jenny


Dear colleague, Congratulations on becoming a member of Kelsey. If you pass the 2 months probation, then you are the person who works hard and …

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Kelsey Consulting M&A - freedom

KELSEY – Freedom Day

How to optimize resources, employing a small number of employees, but also able to accomplish a great deal of workload while ensuring the health and …

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Kelsey Consulting M&A - gallery 8

KELSEY – Working environment

Do you have random thoughts and strange ideas bizarre to the human social eye? At KELSEY, you are a genius and you are worth standing …

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Kelsey Consulting M&A - company culture

KELSEY – Company Culture

Our company culture is centred around intergrity and a group of employees with a common goal who work hard and efficiently. We promote a positive …

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Kelsey Consulting M&A - usa-1249880_1280

KELSEY – Company Overview

At KELSEY Consulting M&A, our goal is clearly defined: to consult companies with strategic, calculated decisions in both the short and long-run, which will help …

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