Kelsey Consulting M&A is a pioneer in Architecture in Vietnam. We discover and create a distinguished voice for every construction we design. They reflect character, aspiration as well as orient the aesthetics in architecture style for the world. 


The Future City -Part 1: 2 trends of the current city planning

On February 3, 2018, a photo of Barcelona in the interplay between day and night was posted on social networks, reaching the top 10 most …

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Kelsey Consulting M&A - Architecture 2

Which architectural trend will survive and develop sustainably over time?

Are you looking for a different architect who has ideas beyond the standard of the times to do your construction – like Frank Lloyd Wright? …

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KELSEY – Architecture Service

Architecture is the most important field in Kelsey Consulting M&A. All of our architectural designs from houses, offices to restaurants, hotels, commercial centers, city planning …

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