Kelsey Consulting M&A is a pioneer in Architecture in Vietnam. We discover and create a distinguished voice for every construction we design. They reflect character, aspiration as well as orient the aesthetics in architecture style for the world. 


The Failure In Planning The City Of Singapore

11/06/2019 (Tiếng Việt bên dưới) In 2010, China announced national GDP growth rate reached 10.3%. It developed spectacularly beyond prediction of experts, officially surpassing Japan …

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The Future City -Part 1: 2 trends of the current city planning

22/04/2019 (Tiếng Việt bên dưới) On February 3, 2018, a photo of Barcelona in the interplay between day and night was posted on social networks, …

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Kelsey Consulting M&A - Architecture 2

Which architectural trend will survive and develop sustainably over time?

16/02/2019 (Tiếng Việt bên dưới) Are you looking for a different architect who has ideas beyond the standard of the times to do your construction …

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KELSEY – Architecture Service

05/12/2018 (Tiếng Việt bên dưới) Architecture is the most important field in Kelsey Consulting M&A. All of our architectural designs from houses, offices to restaurants, …

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