Our specialty is in project development and management, including design, construction and operations. We give strategic, calculated decisions in both the short and long run which will help them create value and enhance efficiency for the investor and company over time.

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Kelsey Pyramid – New invention, and Do you really need a strategic consultant?

In this article, we will address the question: “Is it worth spending money on hiring a strategic consultant for business?“. Once you understand the concepts …

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kelsey rescue

Kelsey Business Rescue & Research

KELSEY R & R Business Description Assessment, consulting, turnaround management and start-up establishment to guide, correct, modify, and re-strategize small and medium-sized enterprises that want …

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Is it worth spending money on hiring a strategic consultant for business?

In 1926, when James O. McKinsey and his co-founder established McKinsey & Company, he could not even imagine that it would contribute to so many …

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Kelsey - Thien Nhan Da Nang hospital

KELSEY – Loạt bài viết cho Bệnh viện Thiện Nhân Đà Nẵng

(1) GÓI KHÁM TẦM SOÁT UNG THƯ  Chỉ trong năm 2018, Việt Nam phát sinh gần 165.000 ca mắc bệnh ung thư/ 96,5 triệu dân, …

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KELSEY – Writing about Thien Nhan Da Nang Hospital

(1) CANCER SCREENING PACKAGE Only in 2018, Vietnam got nearly 165,000 cases of cancer / 96.5 million people, of which up to 70% of deaths, …

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KELSEY – Loạt bài viết cho nhà hàng Despacito

(1) DESPACITO INTRODUCTION      CÂN BẰNG VÀ THĂNG HOA Bạn có biết tại sao, trên thế giới này, khi hàng trăm năm trước người …

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KELSEY – Bài quảng cáo cho Conroy Tower

MỘT VĂN PHÒNG ĐẸP VỚI GIÁ HỢP LÝ? TẠI SAO KHÔNG? Các cụm từ “stress”, “áp lực”, “mệt mỏi” đang dần trở nên thường xuyên …

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KELSEY – Consulting Service Overview

KELSEY Consulting M&A is confident to be the leading business consultant in Vietnam, reaching out to the world with a great mission: rescue your business! …

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