Eurocham Nomination: The Best Entrepreneur – Jenny Tran



For thousands of years, all the artists, scientists, novelists, politicians, billionaires in this world are looking for True Love and True Art. There has been no formula yet, people still has not believed in True Love and True Art.

Jenny Tran has spent 30 years to seek, research on True Love and True Art. No one believed Jenny’s work, her friends called her: a dreamer, an abnormal person, a stubborn person; The enemies called her: bullshit, crazy. But Jenny always trust in herself 100%. And finally, she has found the Formula of: True Love and True Art.

Now, she has more 10 new inventions in Architecture, Psychology, Education, Business, Politic through many Formulas in more 20 quotes on Kelsey’s website.

To know more who is she and how she thinks, look to some of her role models and heroes:

1. Warren Buffett – The most honest billionaire in the world;
2. Steve Jobs – Created the best design for Iphone
3. Donald Trump – The bravest man fighting against China
4. Leonardo Da Vinci – An Almighty genius has the most super brain in the world.


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