PROJECT: Dreamcatcher Farm Home


1. Home:

  • 6 Bungalows 50m2 (own 50 years: 199.000 USD/ Bungalow for pre-opening)
  • 12 apartments 40m2 (own 50 years: 159.000 USD/ apartment for pre-opening)

2. Organic food:

They are grown on farms under a strict process with pure natural care, in nutrition, soil, water and lighting condition, helping to ensure the highest quality for products.

3. Daily nurse service:

The nurse will check health daily, help you take medicine and give you an injection.

4. Retirement community:

Someone in their late 50’s, or more, who wishes to stay active and engaged friends and family, the land, and liffe itself.

5. Activities:

  • Telling life’s story
  • Sharing value experience
  • Teaching English for local students
  • Dancing club
  • Farmer club
  • Riding bicycle club
  • Cooking club
  • Health club.






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